“The minute you willingly lowered yourself for someone else, they would never, ever look at you the same way.”

I read that line from a novel I was reading. It was not a life-changing type of book, it was a passing time kind of romance novel. Yet, however, my God still speaks to me through it. He knows me so well.

The thought of kneeling down before someone else has never occurred to my young mind in my early years as a Christian. However, the past two years, it’s been a lesson my God, my King, has been teaching me. Kneeling down is a universally non-verbal communication of humbling yourself, reaping off any sort of pride. And I have only done it for The One. Even getting accustomed to doing it as a gesture during worship and prayer has been a process. 

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10

It is easier to do in private than in public. I find that the more you do it in private, in those quiet private intimate moments between you and your God, the more you incorporate it in your system. That yes, before Him you bow down in worship and utter surrender.

When it comes to worship in the church setting, when brought to compelling moments of surrender, I find kneeling is a non-issue. Because it is between you and your God, the rest melt into a fade.

It is such a wonderful experience to behold the King in all His splendor. Nothing can truly compare. Before Him, you understand. You truly understand nothing else matters. It is HIM. It’s been HIM all along. It is perhaps something one can only say when you’ve experienced Him. I understand if you don’t see the big deal of the gesture of the moment, you will once you have encountered His presence. There’s no turning back. 

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