Social Justice

Hi there!

If you clicked on this particular page in my blog, it’s either you’re curious what “Social Justice” means, or intrigued by the idea of “justice” combined with being “social”.

In the easiest possible way to explain it, Social Justice is the aim for equality of human rights, in wealth, access, and opportunities.

Growing up, I didn’t understand the passion I felt whenever I saw poor people, the weak, the helpless, and the sick. Meanwhile, seeing the lime life of the rich. Why did others have the access, and the others don’t? Why does geography dictate the way we can live as humans? It was hard to swallow and understand two opposing concepts, for a six year old Jenna.

As I matured (in age and in life ha!), I realized I have a passion for social justice. I desire, with all my heart, to free the slaves, to lift the life of the oppressed, and to give better access to those who cannot afford to do so.

It is overwhelming to find solutions to age old problems. It’s been here since the beginning of our existence. God does have a solution for all of our brokenness problem, the MOST important bit of it is already done, finished… but while it is all together finished… the reality is there is still the NOW that we have to live and wait for until that FINAL bit has come and done. ( I will write a separate post/page for this… apologies if it sounds so vague but I’ll explain in that post).

For now, God has chosen to partner with us humans, to work and apply the solution… to end injustice.

In this PAGE, I will be posting social justice news. I do currently volunteer with a Global Anti-human trafficking and anti-human slavery organization called A21. It is headed by our fierce leaders Nick and Christine Caine.

But stay with me here for more updates in that front.

In the words of the boss woman Chris Caine

“We can’t do everything, but we can all do something.”