Beginning of last year (2018), I was compelled to challenge myself to a ‘Less is More’ mission. One year is done, I made it you guys! I moved to a new flat, have my own bedroom (hallelujah! as it’s impossible to pay for something cheap when you live in Sydney). Apart from buying a […]
For my birthday this year, I went to Hunter Valley, here in Sydney Australia. They call it the ‘wine country’ of Australia. Even if they only supply about 3% of the wine market in AU (one of the wine tour guides said). It’s quite a small percentage, but the source is local and the number of vineyard […]
Hey there lovely people! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all good. I cannot believe we’re halfway thru the year!!! Honestly, where have the days gone by? I really meant to blog more frequently than this haha! But I overestimated my dedication to blog. Honestly, it’s just not one of my priorities the […]
NOVELLA READING CHALLENGE UPDATE! Hi guys! Whew! I was finally able to finish the pictured novellas (above) this week! And I am so happy! *happy dance* The novella I loved the most is…ugh, I can’t pick! I loved them all! They were all good! And each had a different story and sub genre… Anyway, here’s a […]
A bit late for a blog’s “new year resolution” right? Good thing it’s not-a new year’s resolution for me. Rather, just another realization of improving my love for blogging by blogging more. Does that make any sense? Well, anyway, I plan on wanting to blog everyday, or almost everyday, so I decided to weekly join […]

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