my favorite LUX base makeup products ???????

Hello beautiful gorgeous people!
Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite luxury brand base makeup. I don’t use them too often (because they’re expensive… and yeah that’s about it. haha) BUT they really are SOOO GOOOD and sooooo WORTH every penny.
Guerlain l’Or is an embellishing make-up base sprinkled with pure 24-carat gold flakes. Like the most luxurious jewellery pieces, the precious flakes were crafted into ultra-sparkling and ultra-reflective particles, then dispersed in a hydrating smoothing gel. The complexion is beautified. It glows with divine and unfailing radiance. Skin is smooth, supple and satiny, ready for perfect, enhanced and long-lasting make-up.
Why I love it: Tati Westbrook, youtube beauty guru, actually did a review on this months and months ago and I decided to try it when I got a discount price at David Jones (AU) months and months ago as well. It leaves my skin tightened and firm and just pure luxurious every time after I apply this. PLUS, my makeup last really longer than normal using this. It also gives my face a natural glow, which is really amazing since I have a lot of redness in my face, and I have oily T-zone.
The go-to solution for professional makeup artists, Dior’s Airflash is the first revolutionary spray foundation that brings airbrushed perfection to your daily makeup routine.
The Dior laboratory has created an Airflash formula that is lighter and silkier than ever for a fabulously even, flawless and radiant finish. Paraben-free and infused with fresh natural oils that evaporate as soon as they land, it settles with no visible texture as a silky-smooth veil with long-wearing coverage. The result is instant: a super-smooth, velvety complexion that feels like a second skin, full of radiance and glow. State-of-the-art complexion perfection.
Why I love it: It’s long lasting, easy to apply (spray then blend with a brush or beauty blender. For more coverage, I prefer a kabuki brush), and it has medium to full coverage. The only thing is, here in Australia (I got mine from Myer) they only offer limited shades (I think there were only 4!) but on their website (click on the link above), there are 11 shades available. I haven’t tried airbrush foundation before, so I can’t really say if the finish of this foundation really looks airbrushed. But I must say, it is flawless. What more can I say? It has lasted me almost a year now, and I still have lots left. But I only use it probably 4 times a month, on the average. I have oily T-zone, a bit of dry skin now (which I don’t have before!), so combo skin. But this works for me. My T-zone doesn’t really grease up until probably after the 4th hour mark or so…
Touche Eclat is a cult favorite among top makeup artists, models, celebrities and women everywhere. 1 Touche Eclat is sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds. This golden pen is the #1 beauty tool and makeup bag essential for the modern woman.
Not just a concealer, Touche Eclat is the original face highlighter that launched a new generation of makeup. It emphasizes radiance over coverage and does not mask the skin for a more natural, luminous complexion. You won’t see Touche Eclat makeup, you’ll see the light.
Learn How to apply Touche Eclat to erase fatigue, highlight features and lighten dark spots and circles. The evanescent texture blends seamlessly on bare skin or over makeup. Touche Eclat is 8 hours of beauty sleep in a click.
Why I love it: It sure isn’t a bestseller for no reason. This concealer is pretty hyped up amongst all beauty lovers all over the world. Also used as a highlighter, and I mainly use it as a highlighter because it is not pigmented enough to hide well, pigmentations I use it under the eye and along the bridge of my nose. I’ve seen it all around the beauty world and went back over and over to different YSL counters to try them and test them out (yes, I’m one of those hehe). Finally, when I was on the airport last year, since it was 20%off the regular price, I risked it and just bought them. It’s really good. I may have had the “why did I buy this?!” moment, but it was immediately squashed by the amazingness of the product. It is quite tricky though to be able to find the perfect primer, foundation and this concealer combination. There was a time when the skin under my eye were dry-ish, and I used a silicone-based primer that day and they just don’t mesh well under dry skin. So, beware! I managed to still have them up to now (many many months after), as I don’t use it everyday. (it’s expensive!)
Anyway, I thought I’d just share to you interested people out there, what lux products I use for special occasions. They’re not cheap and if you’re not willing, I suggest don’t buy them. But if you’re keen to try them out, go to the nearest makeup counters and ask for samples (if they do give them but for these ones I was told they don’t), or you can just let the beauty advisers try them on you and test them out for the rest of the day. As for me, this is my experience and opinion.
Have a lovely shopping!

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