Alone time

Walking down the city streets, There’s something about seeing dads hold their little girls that makes my chest tight. Slowly, I feel my heart starting to quench and grow heavy with every breath I take. Almost five years now, but the pain of missing him still lingers in my soul and I feel it in my body… This is one of the three days in the year when I particularly feel this same way I did five years ago. Today is Father’s day. Five years down the track of life and so much in me has changed, so much in my family has changed, so much of the world has changed… I sit here in a lone cafe amongst the semi-busy alley in the city, people and family walking past and here I am, by myself, which ironically I find comforting. I love and thrive in it. It’s very seldom these days that I find myself alone. I take in and enjoy each and every moment of this because it will be a rarity to have it one day. Soon, I feel it in my soul, my Lord speaks to my spirit, I will have my own family, and alone time will seem like a luxury. So while my future luxury is still now an affordable and possible commodity, I shall then enjoy it.
It helps that this coffee is not bad, not bad at all.

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