So many people are shifting in to the Vegan lifestyle nowadays. From 0.4% in 2015, it has then spiked to 6%, that’s 600% increase! (Global Data)
Despite that amazing growth, many people are still hesitant to take the plunge or try Veganism. Why? Well, let’s look at 5 common myths about the Vegan lifestyle, specifically the Plant-based vegan lifestyle. Let’s debunk it!
Number 1.
Becoming vegan doesn’t mean you don’t get enough protein. It is one of those “facts” that the meat industry would like us to think. Broccoli actually has more protein than beef! What?! In addition to that, you only lack protein if you don’t eat enough calories. If you hear of anyone lacking energy or experiencing “malnutrition” from the Vegan lifestyle, it most likely is because they are not eating enough calories.
Number 2.
I also thought so in the beginning. I thought I won’t be able to survive without any source of proteins such as eggs (I was vegetarian). In fact, that was actually the only reason why I personally didn’t go full vegan yet. And I loved cheese! In reality, it takes intentionally changing your mindset about this lifestyle and to be open with learning, growing and trying the Plant-based lifestyle! Once I did and tried it… I thrived in the first week… and it turned to one month… two months… etc. until now!I read so many stories of people doing this for years, decades, and living a healthy life! ⠀
And so I tell myself now… “Well how about that Jenna, it worked on you girl!”
Number 3.
Contrary to popular belief, plant-based is not restrictive! You can eat as much as you want and be full.
There’s so much to be said in that sentence. How is it not restrictive when it is vegan? What about the meat-lovers out there? How can they be satisfied with this lifestyle? And veggies are so light in the stomach!
That’s why the Plant-based lifestyle is also called “starch-based” at times. It is from eating a balance of starch-based food and vegetables, that you will feel the fullness and no restriction on the amount of food you eat. Which brings us to…
Number 4.
As mentioned above, Plant-based lifestyle is heavily starch-based. However, this mindset of “carbs” = “gaining weight” is from years and years of “weight loss programs”. Yes, if you restrict yourself from eating carbs, you will lose weight. But so as restricting yourself from eating meat, vegetables, even sweet! The idea is when you eat more than calories than what your body needs, you gain weight.
I used to think eating rice and potatoes make me gain weight! I eat a lot of them now, but I still lose weight… Wait, what?! How?!⠀⠀
Simply put, stay away from processed carbs and focus on healthy starches. For example, food such as rice and potatoes have naturally occurred “resistant starches” in them, which are beneficial for the large intestine, and make us stay full longer!
Last, but not the least, Number 5.
It is not expensive! Vegan can be expensive when you eat at high-priced vegan restaurants or buy those meat substitutes in the grocery. In truth, being in the Plant-based lifestyle, I spend half my usual grocery bill than before! I’ve read countless articles online and even friends who are on the lifestyle, proving this as well! Google it after reading this, and you’ll be surprised.
Well, those are just 5 myths that we’ve debunked, but WOW, right? There are still so much more out there that carries a negative stigma with the Plantbased Vegan lifestyle. What are some thoughts you had about the Vegan lifestyle? We would love to hear your comments below.

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