Hi guys. If anyone is actually out there reading my blogs, hello to you!
The beginning of this year has been challenging in so many ways already. In my quiet times with the Lord, I have come to realize one life defining revelation. For the sake of personal reasons, I will not share that revelation at the moment, but I will at the end of the year.
I will share one thing that is a result of that revelation. Few weeks ago, I decided ‘NO SHOPPING for clothes and makeup’ for myself this year. I know it sounds like a ‘first world country’ problem, and personally, I can’t believe I’ve arrived at this moment where that is needed? I put a question mark because I don’t really consider myself too much of a materialistic girl. HAHA. Yes, I do buy occasional clothes, but very seldom in a year. The past 4 years though, I’ve bought so much makeup for a regular ‘one makeup bag’ girl. In my defense, it is not as huge as those you see from fashion bloggers or beauty gurus on Youtube.
BUT anyway, this doesn’t have anything to do with them (in a way yeah, but not yet). This is about me ultimately finding that ultimate control not to spend money on something that doesn’t even matter. I have clothes, tons of them, and I don’t need more, unless they’re all broken or worn out. I have bags, tons of them, and I surely don’t need more than I have, I surely don’t need branded luxury ones (though they are really high quality). I have makeup, oh so many of them. 10 or so kinds of foundation, 10 or so eyeshadow palettes (I really love them!), 10+ lipsticks, few for every color, I can go on and on. The point is, I wouldn’t finish them all in a year and so why do I find myself buying a new different one almost every month? Society and our environment really does affect ones daily decisions, and I want to be different.
Since that day I took on the challenge, I began to watch more videos and read more on Minimalism. I didn’t realize until later that my reasons were quite related to that of the gist of minimalism. I don’t quite know much yet about that and I don’t want to label myself as a minimalist, because I am not. (not yet anyway). But I get the principle, and I am inspired to do better.
So this year, instead of spending stuff on myself (particularly clothes & makeup; I still haven’t quite decided what about if I buy gifts for others, but I am still convincing myself that’s included, we’ll see, lol), I will put aside that money to save, or invest on sponsoring someone else who may need it. (example, on more child for Compassion, World Vision, Mission Australia, etc.) One dollar can help another person so much. I can go on and on about that, but I’ll leave it for another blog post.
I will try to blog my journey, more so to keep myself accountable (to myself lol). It’s been okay so far, and I’ve held off buying unnecessary items like this organizer tray I found earlier at Muji store. ha! I’m reading and watching a lot of minimalism tips that are actually helping me navigate this season. I’ve decluttered so much makeup and clothes too, so they can go to people who will use them more than me.
I have come across this thing called “project pan” in the makeup world, where makeup lovers are challenging themselves to finish off certain amount of makeup items at a certain time. I might embark on that as well. We’ll see.
Anyway, if you’ve reached this point of the post, thank you! I have something to give to you, I have books, LOTS of them. Email me at jenna@coffeebooksandme and I can send you a picture of what books I have and if you like any, I’ll send it to you for free. You’re welcome!
’til next post. bye!

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