Holy, Holy, Holy…

Isaiah 6:3
And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.”
I used to think Heaven would be boring. When I read the Bible, it says we would worship God forever. My 14-year old self was not excited about that. (haha!)
Well, I’ve never been to heaven, for starters. But I’ve tasted Heaven and it’s not boring at all.
The more I get to know God, the more in awe of Him I am. It was not until the past year that God allowed me and brought me to a place of understanding how worshipping Him forever will not be boring at all.
Now I understand why God described Himself as “I AM”. And we say “HE IS”. And we also say bits like “BECAUSE GOD. (PERIOD)”. Because HE just IS. He is Uncreated, He is the OG, He is.
A lot of times our opinions are based on our perspectives. The more limited and narrow it is, the more limited and narrow our perspective in life is. My view and understanding of heaven and worshipping God were limited to my 14-year old mindset. Now having experienced what I’ve experienced in my 28 years, and God showing more of Him to me in the recent years have painted my ecstatic excitement for what is to come.
I have come to a place in my relationship with God that whenever I think of Him, and start talking about Jesus, I cry. If you don’t see me crying on the outside, believe me, I am crying on the inside. Why? Because He is so amazing and wonderful and so good and as I write this believe me I am crying. Again, our perspective of God is shaped of our understanding and belief and trust in Him. If you believe Him to be good, then you believe He will never let you down, vice versa.
Let me end this little bit of thought with this last thought. It is my hope and prayer that you won’t let what you have or you don’t have hinder you from getting to know the Creator King.

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