Hey there! This is just something I wrote from my heart earlier this year. It’s crazy how when I read this now, this is not where my heart is anymore. TIME HEALS. So, whatever you are experiencing now, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. BE ENCOURAGED. xx, Jenna I think it is unfair, absolutely unfair how you […]
Why must we romanticize everything we experience? I know that is not accurate for every person in the world. We are after all, made of different seeds and hues. I am talking of myself. Perhaps, without the risk of sounding immature, when we are kind, hopeful, and positive in aspects that matter, we do have […]
I cannot lie, I have been very much into home interior design for the past two years. Hence having moved to two different apartments in the past two years, I’ve decorated my apartment/room in glee. I currently live in a supposed to be sunroom converted to bedroom, and it is the size of a studio […]
Hi guys. If anyone is actually out there reading my blogs, hello to you! The beginning of this year has been challenging in so many ways already. In my quiet times with the Lord, I have come to realize one life defining revelation. For the sake of personal reasons, I will not share that revelation […]
Hello to you! . This week, had a one week off from college, and other than work, I rested. Like really rest. . Went around the city too. But mostly rest. . Can I stress that even more? ha! . For a person who is quite an ‘Achiever’ (I feel accomplished when I tick off […]
Hi there! Memories are a fickle thing. You create them, try to preserve them, and sometimes flick through them in your mind. I love making new memories, and of course, take photographs… Recently, I went on a trip to Melbourne. What really made it more memorable was my company and hangin’ out with […]
Five years today. To be quite seriously honest, August is the hardest month for this joyful lady (that’s me!). It’s quite hard to remain happy when you live sandwiched between two of the most heartbreaking days of my life (thus far). 8th of August and 27th of August. Those 20 days in between, I […]
How many of you out there can honestly say you’ve never been heart broken? I believe each and every one of us have experienced different kinds of heartbrokenness. Small or large scale, it’s the same thing= our hearts got broken. It can be through a disappointment when you didn’t get the job you wanted, failure […]
It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “One day…” from people. “One day, I’m gonna graduate” “One day, I’ll be fit again” “One day, I’ll own a house” “One day, I will go to that place” “One day, it’s gonna be me up there” It’s not wrong to say so. In all honesty, […]

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