Romanticizing Love.

Why must we romanticize everything we experience? I know that is not accurate for every person in the world. We are after all, made of different seeds and hues. I am talking of myself.
Perhaps, without the risk of sounding immature, when we are kind, hopeful, and positive in aspects that matter, we do have a flick of romanticizing nature. I love being kind, hopeful and positive, but I do not like the romanticizing side, for it is one step away from ‘assuming’. And we all know assuming is a dangerous game to play. It hurts, it breaks your heart, but it has all the potential in the world to give you such a high and be drunk in love.
Oh! what must we do to sustain ourselves and live a thriving life without the risk of falling and breaking and getting hurt?
But love is both euphoria and sickness. They are two enveloped conjoined twins. You want one, but the other is a side effect.
To love is to risk getting hurt. To love is not to ask to be loved in return. True love is to love without expectations, without pride, without bitterness and remorse.
Oh! to love is impossible.
Oh! to love is a miracle.
Two become one.
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