26th | late post + giveaway(ENDED)|

Hey there guys! Last 3rd of December I celebrated my 26th birthday (yay!). Not that anyone else here would be interested in that, haha! I just thought why not share the things I’ve done that day, while I’m here…
4:30 am: watched the sunrise over at Bondi Beach, Sydney.
yep. I get to live here. So so so blessed.
woke up at 4:30am for this. so worth it.
(shout out to my friend Cherry who took the above pictures. she’s good!)
then I ate this for breakfast. Just looking at the picture below makes me feel hungry. Weirdly enough, I feel like I can still taste them in my mouth. Yum yum! (it’s vegan and healthy but very yummy!)
went home to hopefully sleep some more, but of course I couldn’t go back to sleep!
Went to the city in the afternoon with a friend, had a full spa experience- full body massage, foot spa, mani pedi.
Got home to some gifts from very wonderful friends.. Like this beautiful bouquet of flowers!!!
Went to Church for a Saturday night service. Nothing better than to be at the Lord’s House on your birthday!
Dinner at Criniti’s at Darling Harbour after church, with some of my closest friends.
this is us watching a street show… Sydney is full of them, it’s wonderful!
I had veggie penne pesto, sooo soooo GOOOD!!!!
God has blessed me with really beautiful (inside and out) girl friends! They’re family too.
oh there we go, officially 26!
(my jumpsuit and heels are both from Topshop, in case you were curious! I love them.)
If you’re still here reading this, well done you! Thanks for sticking out! This post was a little bit self-centered, it is my birthday anyway.
To compensate, I’m doing a little giveaway!
What is up for grabs:
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