The Good Place.

Watching the “Good Place” tv series made realize how hard it is to be a good person these days. At one point in Season 2(?), they mentioned the point system they followed to determine if you go to the Good place or the Bad place. One hundred years ago, it was probably easier to do a good deed THAN now. For example, if you buy a shirt to give to someone, before it would be pretty straightforward, that’s a good gesture, plus points! Now, if we buy a piece of clothing to give to someone, we have to consider- who made the shirt and what are they made of? Are the workers of the factory that made them well paid and had good working environment? What are the clothes made of? Were they made of materials that were harmful to the planet? So, if you gifted someone some clothes, that’s a good gesture, but because you unknowingly bought clothes made from a slave trade factory, and it’s made of bad materials, you end up losing points than gain points! Crazy!
I know the Good Place is just a fiction tv series, but the topics they raise up are valid and important to consider. They hide behind the façade of good comedy, but it resonates deep to what the society in general must consider.
Ethics aside, it made me reflect and say “Jesus really came at the right time 2000 years ago”. Lol. What do I mean about that? Well, for sure if He lived in the present, He will still live the perfect life. It was just less complicated before, when you think of ethics. It made me realize again when Jesus said that we will do more miracles than He did. And I think with that, we will do more things as His Church, while He works with us from beside the Father. (insert verse)
PS. The Good Place season 4 (last season! Huhu) is currently playing on Netflix. And NO, this is not an ad.

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