What are YOU thinking?

just a photo I had on my phone that seemed good to post along
I’ve been locked up in my apartment for the past 4 days, studying and studying and studying. But amidst all my studying, I’ve been also thinking. Thinking about how evil and unfair the world is. You do good, you are kind, you help people, your motives are right and pure, but sometimes the world still hates you. (and no, this is not coming from any experience I have at the moment, just…thinking).
And so I decided to make this post.
Yes, the world may seem evil and well, terrible things do happen everyday. One day you can be rich and famous, and the next you find yourself broke and beaten up. I recently read Yemen, a country so deep in famine and in the middle of war was once upon a time known as sophisticated and rich.
My point is, we go up, we go down, “life is a rollercoaster” as Ronan Keatings sang. Being treated unfairly and failures can happen all the time. Injustice is cruel. We naturally get sad and depressed. But we must pick ourself up again and ask “am I happy?”. Well, that’s actually a stupid question if you are actually sad and depressed because it means the answer is you are not happy. However! How do you get happy again?
In whatever circumstance you might find yourself in, retrace yourself babe and find your inner calm. Ask yourself “what is it I really want?”. Find your purpose. Yes! Find your ‘why’ and from that pick up the pen and start writing. Write down a list of things you want to accomplish. Those dreams you’ve always had since you were a little child. Draft and edit your resume if you have to. But remember! Before that, answer the question- ‘what is my WHY’ first.
Aah, thinking is a dangerous past time I must say. Because all of these thoughts got birthed from thinking.
I wanna know, how about you? What are you thinking?

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