I looked around me and saw the destruction darkness has left in its wake. I heard the cries of desperation.
I prayed to Jesus that I want to be a part of the SOLUTION, and that’s what He did. He invited us to partner with Him to be part of the SOLUTION He has been enacting since before the creation of the world. Jesus coming down to earth and dying for us and resurrecting- that was just a part of it! (A HUGE part!) He is still working on the solution, but also, He assures us that we already have won, and victory is His! How great is that? We fight with the winning team! It’s like entering a sports competition and choosing to be part of the winning team. A team that we know will win not just because the team has already won in the past, but we do know for sure we will win. Not hope to win again, but no! It’s like stepping in the future and seeing that yes, in fact we won. That’s the same for us!
Now, Jesus has mandated us the Church to be part of the solution to the problem of sin. Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you saying Jenna? That Jesus didn’t solve that yet? Well, if you see stealing, death, poverty, cheating, murder, war, sickness all around you, then the problem of sin is still here.
Yes, the blood of Jesus has cleansed our hearts. But the reality is, it’s still not over yet! He promises victory is His, but at the moment, we are still living in this sinful world. Jesus has commanded His Church to be part of the solution! Can you believe that? We get to partner with Jesus! Now, the question is HOW?
We can view it in 2 parts- what we speak, and what we do. Speak His language, His Word, His message of the Gospel. Do the Gospel. Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly. Love your parents, your sister/brother even when they’re annoying, forgive your friend, share your food, help the poor, feed the hungry, pray for the sick, there’s so much work to be done!
WHOA. That’s a LOT of work. Well yeah, who said being part of the SOLUTION is easy? Ha! BUT God didn’t leave us alone to do it. Before Jesus went back to Heaven (so He can work with us from beside the Father), He told the disciples that He will send the Holy Spirit, and they have to wait there in Jerusalem before going to the ends of the world as He told them to do. AND THANK GOD, for the HOLY SPIRIT. We won’t be able to accomplish Jesus’ work without the Holy Spirit.
We are the hands and feet of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God. I pray that as you continue (or start) to be part of the solution, may His Spirit in you empower you and strengthen you to share His light for the world.
Here are verses to help you dig deeper, sister!
The Great Commission- Matthew 28:19-20
Victory verses
1 John 5:4
Deuteronomy 20:4
John 16:33
Proverbs 21:31
Kingdom verses
Isaiah 52:7
Matthew 5
John 3:5

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