One Day.

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “One day…” from people.
“One day, I’m gonna graduate”
“One day, I’ll be fit again”
“One day, I’ll own a house”
“One day, I will go to that place”
“One day, it’s gonna be me up there”
It’s not wrong to say so. In all honesty, I probably say at least one “One Day” statement every day. It actually promotes hope in people. At least it does to me. But then again, I’m a pretty optimistic person. Thinking about it, I find that there is also a downside in saying that phrase over and over again. Don’t take me as an expert on this topic, I am just merely sharing my opinion (disclaimer right there ha!).
“One Day” is like a crutch we use to excuse ourselves to facing what is in front of us. It can make us or break us. As I said, it’s not wrong to say that phrase but if we find ourselves saying it all the time, then I guess that’s when we have to stop and think and reflect on how are we actually doing. Reflecting on our life is not as cheesy as it sounds. It is actually really helpful. In fact, I recently found myself doing a ‘retreat’ jaunt by myself. I went out of town and booked myself an overnight stay at the cheapest but nice hotel I found online. I did not necessarily went out to tour myself in the area. I just basically went introvert and stayed in the hotel, ate a nice fancy dinner by myself, read my Bible, wrote on my journal, watched TV, bonded with myself, took a long nap, slept the whole night in a big king-sized bed…ALL BY MYSELF. I thought it was weird at first, until the next day when I’ve never felt so refreshed and so ready for more. Anyway, the whole point of me describing that is that reflecting on where we are in life is a really great opportunity to discover more about ourselves.
I was talking to my best friend (one of my bestfriends in life actually..when you’re a friendly person like me, you’ll get why I have many best friends, I just can’t have one. haha!) earlier today about what we’re doing in our lives. She’s having a dilemma of the typical “quarter-century years old” question– “What am I doing in my life?”. At one point (many points ) of our lives, we’ll find ourselves asking this question. I told her “well, what is your ‘IT’?” By “IT” I meant her “gifts”, the thing that motivates her, uplifts her mood and gives her energy, and this something/s that imbues her. I would like to describe it as the gift God has given to us, and by using it/them, we are fulfilling our purpose in life (other than following Jesus and building His Kingdom, but that’s another post to tell). It can be singing for some, or dancing, or acting, or teaching, designing houses, building structures, creating art, writing stories, administrating or organizing, it could be anything! I guess that’s where our inner statements of “One day” comes from. Because somewhere deep down inside each of us lies the potential of what could be. Our dreams and desires… Our hope for the future.
So, what was the bad thing again? Denying ourselves the chance to dig down deep and open this opportunity to explore what is hidden inside. Because we say, we are busy… I have to do the laundry first, buy the groceries, cook, tend the kids, go to work, finish this project, I need to settle for this job because it pays the bills. There’s no time for that now because because BECAUSE!
Now of course I don’t condone not working and paying our bills and other necessities in life, because we are all adults after all (and it can suck at times when we need to do adult stuff like taxes, ugh.). What I’m saying is that, I’m encouraging each of us that there’s no time like the present. If we don’t do it now, we might never do it ever! We might just end up procrastinating and sending off all those opportunities flying in the air like blowing off a dandelion flower…
If you needed a sign to take a step, maybe this is it. It’s time. It’s time to take that step to fulfilling your purpose in life. It’s time to take that one more step closing the gap between today and your “One Day.”

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