I cannot lie, I have been very much into home interior design for the past two years. Hence having moved to two different apartments in the past two years, I’ve decorated my apartment/room in glee. I currently live in a supposed to be sunroom converted to bedroom, and it is the size of a studio bedroom. It is my sanctuary. I believe I have rearranged my room four times already, until I find a new comfort.
What is the point of this post? Well, I was watching yet again another apartment tour on my favorite channel- YOUTUBE channel, haha!
I was marveling in wonder the different features in this 12-foot tall, all floor, 9 bedroom luxury apartment in New York when my thoughts shifted to eternal things. Well, as a beloved daughter of the Most High King, of course my mind went there. OF COURSE the Holy Spirit led me to those thoughts. There was no way I was simmering in jealousy, I was just deep in admiration in the beautiful technology and designs found in the apartment. BUT to be honest, that is nothing, NOTHING in comparison to what awaits us in the future, the eternal glory of our KING, that is GOD. *chills*
I cannot even begin to imagine what it will be like then. Each of HIS children, have a mansion to themselves? WHOA. I found myself whispering simple words of a daughter to her Father, “Lord, can I decorate the mansion You’re giving me to whatever I like?” haha! IMAGINE!!!

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